Power Plant: To ensure uninterupted power round the clock to all the operations here, Unicom has a 3.5 Megawatt power generation system which is able to support is's entire power demand.
ETP: It runs a 150-cubic-meter-an-hour capacity’s effluent treatment plant of most contemporary technology. This ETP cleanses industrial effluents both chemically and biologically, and dehydrates sludge in the most environment friendly way.

WTP: All the water that Unicom consumes is pumped through its own deep tube wells, and is appropriately treated through a water softening plant having the capacity of 75 cubic meters per hour.

CRP: Its Caustic Recovery Plant recovers about seventy percent of the caustic soda used in mercerizing of fabrics. Plant’s capacity is 4.5 tons per day. This recovered soda is reused it in the process again and again, continually.
Pond: It maintains a pond inside the premise that reserves recycled water from production and rainwater as well. It adds to its firefighting preparation.